Thursday, March 4, 2010

Off to the North


So a quick update before I go offline for the next 2 weeks:

I ate Pani worms, and although they look hideous, they had a similar taste to chicken, with a slight crunch, and a bit of stringiness. I would probs never want to eat a lot of them at a time but they were def interesting, and my mom was glad that I liked them because she used her special recipe.

Tomorrow we are going to the largest diamond mine in the world, by value, which is going to be great. The rule are pretty strict: no skirts, shorts, or dresses, we will be provided with a special pair of shoes that will then be taken back at the end of the tour, if we drop anything on the ground, we must ask a guard to pick it up for us, and we will be patted down as a security measure.

Sunday we leave Gabs and fly to Kasane in the far north, which is the gateway to Chobe national park, supposedly one of the most beautiful places in Bots. It should be great!

I'm doing very well and I hope everyone else it too!

Go siame!

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